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Your 'Top 4' Prefects for 2019-20

Head Prefect - Isabelle Dunn
Head Prefect - Charlie Gibbs
Deputy Head Prefect - Lily Kendall
Deputy Head Prefect - Lily Roberts

Your voice matters!

If you ever have any ideas or suggestions to make the Wavell an even better school in which to learn, please speak to any of the Prefects.

list Prefect Body 2019-20


Year 9

You will find links to Year 8 news and information on this page.

 Latest Year 9 News... 


Hello Year 9!


We are nearly there! This week is the last full week of school and our final day Wednesday 22nd July finishes at 12:50. The ending to this academic year has been strange to say the least and I am hoping our return as Year 10 (and KS4 students) will be a lot smoother. I have been so impressed by how the vast majority of you have been working since March when we were directed to close the gates to most of you. If you haven’t been able to keep up with the work, please don’t panic but it may be a good idea to see if you can catch up on some of the pieces that you haven’t completed during the holiday, the work will still be on SMHW for you to access. If you have done it all and still want to keep your skills up I suggest reading and perhaps using learning websites such as SAM Learning, My Maths, BBC Bitesize or any other link from our website.


You all should have received your option choices for next year and hopefully they have made you feel excited to get Year 10 underway. Thank you all for being so patient as this process took a little longer than usual due to the current circumstances. A big thank you must also go to Mr Hicken and Ms Speir for the amount of effort and time they have put into the options process.


I spent the majority of last week feeling sorry for myself as Portsmouth lost a big football match on penalties, they did not play very well though so they got what they deserved…another year in League 1. However, my weekend was much better as the good weather improved my mood and I took a trip down to Dorset for a change of scenery. 


This is the final reminder that the challenge at the moment is to collect as many points and badges as you can until the end of the day Friday. Who will get in to the top 20% Who will win top student? And who will win the Form Group Cup? I know your tutors can’t wait to find out!!!


Look after yourselves and remember if you want to talk to someone in school you can message your tutor on SMHW/ Satchel or email and ask for a specific teacher to give you a call about the work or for me to talk to you.


Take Care

Mr Mills


Hope this finds you all well and having enjoyed the weekend. I feel very nervous today in anticipation of Portsmouth’s big football match this afternoon/evening. It would be a great start to the week if they could win that one.

I’ve heard from a number of you about the Teams lessons that are now being provided for some subjects. I’m really pleased you are enjoying them, so if you haven’t yet joined one of these and are able to, give it a go! It gives you a chance to see your teacher, go through the work and ask questions and I know for some of you this has really helped you not only complete the work, but also with motivation levels too.

Remember the challenge for the remainder of the term is to collect as many points and badges on SMHW as possible. Who will get into the top 20%? Who will get the most out of our year group? And which tutor group will win the Year 9 House Point Cup? Looking forward to finding out!

Take care

Mr Mills


Morning Year 9!

Hope you are well and enjoyed last week’s fantastic weather. Hopefully those of you that have managed to take part in Microsoft Teams lessons last week enjoyed them and found them helpful. Below is the current timetable for the Teams lessons on offer this week but please keep an eye out on SMHW as these can change.

So this week's challenge is PE related and links to the work set last week. I challenge you to create your own sports day/event, it can include Olympic events or different sports/activities. It can be as long or as short as you want, you can even add a scoring system. See if you can get your whole family involved for some healthy competition. It would be great if you could share your ideas with us.   

Take care

Mr Mills


Morning Year 9!

Hope you are well and that you are ready for the week of learning ahead. Some of you may take part in face-to-face online teaching via teams this week. Please look out for all the information as different subjects are offering teams opportunities. I know History are offering slots for all Year 9 based on if you are in P or Q band and some departments are offering teams lessons to their individual classes. Teachers will send you details if/when they are offering slots.  If you haven't yet accessed your school email, follow the instructions so you can join Teams in advance of lessons.


Finalising your Year 10 options is well underway so look out for information about that in the next couple of weeks. This is a large and complicated job so thank you for being patient and with current circumstances some aspects of this task are taking longer than they usually would.


So this week's challenge is something that I think you'll all be great at looking at the pictures of your previous bakes. Mrs Smith shared this recipe with us from This Morning's Alison Hammond. It's based on the delicious Pret a manger cookies. Give it a go!

Take care


Mr Mills


I’m hoping this finds you all well and that you have had a good weekend. I have been busy and productive around the home as well as speaking to friends. I am looking forward to the return of the Premier League this week, and the news of Portsmouth’s League 1 play-off place, also gives me something to look forward to.   

You may have heard that Year 10 are returning to school today; they will be in small groups and attend on a rota system for one day a week. School looks different to when you last saw it, with 2 metre markers to maintain a safe social distance between us all and strict one way systems through buildings. I really look forward to when we can welcome you all back to school too! In the meantime, we are looking at making some of your lessons a bit more interactive and more detail will follow, so keep an eye out for that. 

So many of you have been working extremely hard and clocking up huge numbers of ‘Behaviour Points’ on  SMHW – remember, this is what SMHW calls them, but really they are ‘Achievement Points’ and will be converted to House Points by Miss Cossburn and the wonderful House Team. We may not be able to have Sports Day this year, or be in school for the other house events but the House Competition is very much ON! So keep up all your hard work on SMHW and help get your house to the top! Be proud of your achievements and don't just complete the work remember to submit it too! It is also the only way to receive feedback from your teachers.

So, to this week’s challenge – The Alphabet Challenge! For this you need to write down the 26 letters of the alphabet as a list. Then, aim to find a word starting with each of the different letters. Miss McKie did this recently and made a list of things from nature that she had spotted whilst out on walks – sounds easy but X,Y and Z got tricky! I am planning on doing mine this week.  You might make a list of things you’ve been doing to keep busy over the past few months, films, TV or books you’ve watched or read or a list of feelings/emotions you’ve experienced during that time. Good luck!


Have a good week and take care.

Mr Mills


Hi Year 9,

Hope you are all well. It's been really nice to hear about all the wonderful things you have been up to at home and also to hear from your teachers about the work you have been doing. I am very impressed by the number of points and badges being collected on SMHW and Miss Cossburn is currently working behind the scenes to get House Totals for May out as soon as possible. Keep working hard and adding to those points.

This week I have tried to keep up with exercising outside despite the downturn in the weather. I am still keeping myself active even on the days when the weather has not been great, you can always find something to do around the home. Myself and the rest of the PE team were amazed with the amount of km’s we have travelled as a school. So well done and thank you to all of you that got involved with that challenge.

I am continuing to monitor work like the other Directors of Students so please continue to get that in and ask questions to your teachers if you are struggling with the work, they will respond.

This week's challenge is over to you.... by this I mean I would like you to be creative and set a challenge for your friends and family. Please do share your ideas with me and perhaps I could set them for the whole year group or if they are truly amazing I could share them with the other Directors of Students to share with their Year Groups as well. Get creative!

Stay safe and keep positive

Mr Mills



It's OK to worry about coronavirus.

This resource was designed to support your emotional wellbeing. It will show you ways you can keep your body and mind healthy. We're all still here to help you.


Morning Year 9

Hope you all had an enjoyable half term, the weather has been fantastic. Welcome ‘back’ to the final half term of the year. It’s all been very odd not seeing you and I am sure that like me you may have some good days and some that aren’t as good. It is important on those not so good days to try and set yourself a target/goal so you feel like you have achieved something or do something you enjoy. Remember that your tutors and I are still here for you. You can message your tutors on SMHW or if you want me to call just ask via the admin email address. 

Don’t forget that over the past weeks the DSs have been setting challenges including links to places where you can get support if you need it. I know it is said a lot but looking after your mental and physical health at this time is really important. As the weather is so nice it’s great to get outside, don’t forget to log those KMs on the PE Wavell –Tokyo – Wavell challenge if you are out for a walk, run or cycle.

So to this week’s challenges are from Miss Cossburn's Taskmaster book (a book from a TV show).

Give it a go and upload a picture of the outcome. Have a competition with your family to see who can do it the quickest/balance the biggest object. Wishing you the best of luck.


Mr Mills 


Hello Year 9!

I hope you are all well and beginning to enjoy the benefits of the slight easing of lockdown. I also hope that some of you got involved in last week’s challenge of being outside more. With weather set to be good this week, try to continue this and make the most of the unlimited outings outside but please remember to keep your distance – 2m minimum. Perhaps try marking it out somewhere so you can see it – it’s much further than you think.


This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme this year is kindness. 

More information and resources for supporting good mental health can be found here: So this week’s challenge is to take a look at the video and the website and see if there is something you could do to help you, a friend or a family member. It’s really important that we look out for each other. Please know that even though I am not seeing you every day I am still working and wanting the best for you all, I am here to help if I can. If you need a call from me or your tutor just email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Don’t forget to log your kilometres for the Farnborough to Tokyo challenge posted by PE. I have started adding mine! Getting out for an hour or two a day definitely changes my whole mind set.   


Stay safe, be kind, and keep trying to complete your work.

Have a good week.


Mr Mills

Year 9  IT  students have been practising their digital and enterprise skills. Congratulations to our Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award Winners this week.


Dear Year 9,


I hope you enjoyed all of the VE day celebrations on Friday and the nice weather we are having at the moment. 

When completing work remember to use the Office 365 software as you all have an account. This will allow you to access PowerPoint and Word, and you can also email your work in to School if you are having problems submitting through SMHW. Any problems with this contact

I know I keep going on about submitting work but it is really important you do if a subject requires you to. It allows teachers to see how you are progressing and give you feedback.  

This weeks challenge is very simple. Following Boris' announcement that we can be out exercising more from Wednesday and the weather forecast is to be nice and sunny. Your challenge is to simply be outdoors more, enjoying the weather with members of your household. You can even just spend more time in the garden. Please make sure you are still keeping your self safe and following the government guidelines of social distancing.

This challenge will also link to a future PE challenge which you will get more details about soon. 


Take care 

Mr Mills 


Hi Year 9,

I hope you had a nice and positive weekend. 

I am pleased to see a lot of you are still keeping up to date with your work and doing as much as you can. A few things to remember:

Keep in a routine and try and follow your timetable

Don't work for longer than the length of a lesson - it is ok if you don't complete everything set for that lesson. 

Submit as much work as possible - this lets your teachers know what you are understanding and what you need a bit of help with. 

You all have access to Office365 - log in using your school user and your school password is the password for this account too.

This weeks challenge is about you giving something back to your families. 

Cook dinner for your family one night this week using ingredients you have within your home. 

Please check you are allowed to use the ingredients before you start. Not only would this be a lovely treat for your family but cooking is a fantastic skills to have. 

I look forward to seeing what you create. 


Stay safe 

Mr Mills 

Fantastic Year 9 Home Learning Artwork - Well done!


Hi Year 9

Your new challenge for the weekend/next week is as follows:

It’s time to show off your creative skills. Is there something around your home that is being thrown out/does not get used anymore (please check with everyone at home before you go to use anything)?

If so can you up-cycle it to make it look brand new or even find a whole new use for it. You can do this on your own or it can be an effort with everyone in your home. Feel free to post pictures of your creations on this Facebook page.

I look forward to seeing them all.


Mr Mills


Dear Year 9,

I hope you have enjoyed the Easter Break as much as possible and have been spending some quality time with your family. I just wanted to welcome you to the start of a new term. In these very difficult and strange times please try and ensure you are keeping up to date with your work and submitting work that needs to be submitted. Any questions please use the comments section to ask your teachers and they will get back to you. All of your teachers are working very hard at home and at school to ensure you have work that will help you progress in all of your subjects.


Please continue to keep yourself and your families safe and I will be in touch soon with more information about the upcycle challenge.


Mr Mills

Feeling a bit bored? Want to try something new?

Have a go at making this: Mrs Smith’s Easter Rocky Road Ingredients:

200g chocolate (I use milk chocolate, but plain and white will work too)

100g butter

100g golden syrup

100g mini marshmallows (or big marshmallows cut up)

200g digestive biscuits, crushed (or any other biscuit)

100g dried cranberries (or sultanas, raisins etc)


1. Break the chocolate into pieces and place in a saucepan with the butter and syrup. Heat gently on a low heat until melted together.

2. Leave the chocolate mixture to cool for 5 mins then stir in the biscuits, marshmallows and fruit.

3. Pour the mixture into a tin (lined with greaseproof paper if you have it) and press down with a metal spoon. Press the mini eggs into the top of the chocolate mixture.

4. Put into the fridge to chill for a least 2 hours. Cut into pieces and serve.

Well done to all Year 9 students who took part in the 'Poetry by Heart' Competition on 13th February 2020.  

1st place – Grace Rasaqa  

2nd place – Isabel Bonnett

3rd place – Avi Librado

Mock Interview Event

21st January 2020

On Tuesday we were lucky enough to have a wealth of expertise from the local business community to interview you all.  All the Business Advisers were extremely complimentary about the Year Group and you excelled yourselves once again.  We hope that this has helped to give you an idea of what to expect in your future job interviews!



On Saturday 23rd November 2019 Freddie McGarry Yr9 won GOLD



in Jiu Jitsu at the English Open in London.

Well done Freddie, we are immensely proud of you!

Congratulations to Amber Oldfield 9S (middle)and Archita Sarvaiya 9T (left) who came 1st and 2nd in the Christmas Card Competition.

Year 9 Jiu Jitsu Champions!

This summer Harrison Howe won GOLD at both the World Championships and European Championships, elite yellow belt division. Harrison has since been promoted to orange belt.

Freddie McGarry also won Bronze at the European Championships in white belt division.

Congratulations to you both!

We have two specially trained Year 9 students as  'New Arrival Ambassadors' to help students who join the School mid-year to settle in as quickly as possible. Our current Ambassadors are:

Layla Weller and Cezar Lypovenko


 Our Year 9 Achievers

November 2019

🥇On Saturday 23rd November 2019 Freddie McGarry won GOLD in Jiu Jitsu at the English Open in London.

Congratulations to the following students who have passed their Spoken Japanese Exam

Alex Barette
Allyce Dobinson
Clara Goddard
Ashlyn Howard

September 2019

Congratulations to Ruby for her successful ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro during the holidays! Read about her adventure here...

🥇This summer Harrison Howe won GOLD at both the World Championships and European Championships, elite yellow belt division.

June 2019

Maths Challenge Results

Gold Award: Don Quan  (Don was also Best in Year)

Silver Award: Jacob Connibeer, Louis Davidson, Clara Goddard, Imogen Hammond, Turner Noad, Archie Smith, Viktoria Weight, Emma Wraight

Bronze Award: Hollie Campbell, Duncan Cheung, Sophia Craig, Nathaniel Dance, Ruairi Gifford, Ruby Laverick, Tobin Mitchell, Ruby Stew, Ujjal Thapa, Samuel Watson, Oscar Wotton

December 2018

John Campbell plays as a junior member of the Army Golf Club. He began the year with a junior handicap of 45 and during the season has won his level in every junior competition including the Captain's Trophy reducing his handicap to 37. He has also completed the Junior Golf Passport and his next challenge is to make the under 18 team. Superb playing John!

John was also very proud recently to wear his great-great grandfather's medals from WWI and assist at the Remembrance Day Parade this year in Bagshot.

October 2018

Congratulations to Grace Houghton for passing her Spoken Japanese exam.

If you have an achievement you would like to celebrate with us please just let your Tutor, Mr Mills or Mrs Coombes know.


Year 9 Housepoint Rewards