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Should you wish to order revision guides for your child we do have several that can be ordered through school, some at a reduced rate. If your child is unsure about which revision guides they may need they should speak to their subject teacher(s) before placing an order. 

Purchases can be made via Scopay and all available guides are listed under ‘Products’.  Should you wish to order by cash/cheque (cheques made payable to ‘The Wavell School’) your child can take a completed list along, with payment, to the School Bank at breaktime (10.40am – 11:00am). 

Orders placed by 4.00pm on Thursday, will be available for collection the following week.  Your child will be asked to come to Main Reception when their order is available to collect. 

Please note that the last date for ordering guides for this academic year is Thursday 21st March 2024 in order to process orders before the Easter Holidays Revision Guides will not be available to order through school during the Summer Term.   Exam pencil case equipment packs and calculators will continue to be available to purchase from the school bank throughout the Summer GCSE Exam period.

GCSE Revision Guides List 

Revision Planner Example

 Useful Websites to help with Exams, Revision and Stress

whenChoose times when you feel alert and able concentrate. Just after meals should be avoided as you often feel more tired at these times.

       Set aside your own space in a quiet room with a table and a clock. This room should be comfortably warm and brightly lit.

Organise a revision timetable that is made up of sessions of 2 hours, divided into 4 or 5 shorter sessions with breaks.

VarietyRevisit topics regularly – if you revise a section of work once, you will remember very little of it in the exam. If you revisit the same work to review it after a day and then after a week, you will remember much more. Reviewing it shouldn’t take as long as the first time you revise it.



Be active when you revise, make notes, cue cards, draw diagrams – you will remember much more.

Revise a section using your notes, a revision guide, textbooks, videos (BBC Bitesize are a good resource), or the Internet and then have a go at answering an exam question.


If you have to learn and remember facts, try to imagine them as colourful images in your mind or make up phrases that you can associate them with.

The Internet now has huge amounts of resources to help you.

Visit our Learning Links page for useful websites

Exam boards have information on syllabus content, copies of past papers etc. Links to all of the exam boards are available here...