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Our web-based database called Reading Cloud, is accessible from any computer enabling you to search the Centre's resources as well as listing websites suitable for cross-curricular use.

How to use the Reading Cloud App

Student Guide to the Library Homepage


Access ebooks, audiobooks, comics and magazines online via the Sora app.

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Reading Buddies

Our Reading Buddy programme offers a chance for Year 7 and EAL students catch-up on their reading skills.



Students have access to a well-maintained Careers Resources Library within the LRC and a Careers Consultant from The Prospect Trust. For more information on Careers and the Resources available visit our Careers Page, come and see Mrs Gilbert in the LRC or Tracey in the Careers Office. 


Basic Stationery is available to buy from the LRC at break and lunchtimes.

Learning Resource Centre   - LRC

The LRC is a thriving area of The Wavell School and is used by students throughout the day. The LRC is open to students of all Years before and after school as well as during break and lunchtimes. Our friendly team of Librarians, Prefects and Assistants are here to help you.

Opening Hours

8.15am - 3.30pm

 Student User Guide to the LRC

LRC Code of Conduct

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Recommended Reads & BOOK LISTS

Stuck for ideas as to what to read? Visit our Recommended Reads page for suggested books by reading age, Year Group, and topic.

Good Mental Health in the Library

Apart from reading and research, the library is often a place for quiet reflection. Many of the students see the LRC as a safe haven away from the hustle and bustle of the playground. Sometimes a sanctuary for those with friendship issues.

An area of the LRC is designated as a ‘chill-out’ zone for students requiring sanctuary thus widening the choice of space and option of therapy. As a school, we already cater for vulnerable students with outstanding pastoral care in the Pastoral Block, in Learning Support, with the Health and Welfare Officer  and in the Inclusion Room.

Pastoral staff can book the LRC for these students to do their school work as well as enjoy ‘time-out’ with the jigsaw puzzles, drawing, and colouring provided. Books are also available to read covering all areas of mental health and teenage concerns in our ‘Shelf Help’ display area.