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Remote Learning & Homework

On this page you will find information on how to access online homework and other forms of remote online learning:

Frequently Asked Questions about Remote Learning and Homework:

How does my child access their school emails?

 Accessing Office 365

A student's email address is in the format 25smithr@wavell.hants.sch.uk

The number represents the year the student will be leaving in Year 11. In this example the student is in Year 7 and would leave in 2025. The student is Robert Smith, so surname and first initial of forename. 

Contact us via homework@wavell.hants.sch.uk with any issues.

Emails are accessed via Office365

How does my child access Satchel One?

All students have been set up with a Satchel One account which they are able to access via the Satchel One link on our Learning Links Page or directly via the Satchel:One app which can be downloaded here


Please visit the Satchel Help Centre for further details.

My child cannot log in to Satchel One

If your child has forgotten their password this can be reset using their school email address.

Please visit the Satchel Help Centre or contact us via homework@wavell.hants.sch.uk if you continue to have issues.

How do I register for Satchel One as a parent?

All parents are able to register for their own account and we advise parents who have not yet registered for Satchel One to register in order to monitor their child's work. Please contact the school via homework@wavell.hants.sch.uk for a PIN if you have not received one.

PDF icon Show My Homework Set-Up Guide ios

PDF icon Show My Homework Set-Up Guide Android

For information and support regarding the use of Satchel One please visit their website

How do the notifications work?

If the student is struggling with any aspect of the work they can message the teacher via Satchel One. Please be aware that there will be times when the teacher isn’t available during some lessons as they may be supervising key worker students in school or not able to work. Where possible teachers will let students know via Satchel One if that is the case.

Please note: the notifications are for the purpose of supporting learning. If they are misused in any way by the student we will remove their access to Satchel One for a period of time or remove them from a particular class so that they will need to use the public calendar to access their work and won’t be able to use the notifications. If this were the case, work will need to be submitted via homework@wavell.hants.sch.uk

I cannot access the links and documents on Satchel One

We suggest you try clearing the memory (cache) of the device being used as it may be that you have run out of space to store files on the device otherwise access Satchel One within a web browser. Links and documents can only be accessed when logged in to the student's account.

Please visit the Satchel Help Centre for further information.

My child is having difficulty uploading work for teachers

Teachers will make it clear whether or not work should be submitted and will not be expecting work submitted in every lesson.

If the green ‘submit’ button is there students can submit either through Satchel One if it is a small filesize or emailed to the homework inbox if larger (please make sure they put their teacher’s name in the subject line).

If the teacher is not expecting an online submission then the ‘submit’ button won’t appear and students won’t be able to send any work.

Submitting Work Via Satchel

My child cannot get into Kerboodle

Their username is the same as their username to log into the school computers. The institution code is SL4 (not case sensitive). The original password was the same as their username and they were then prompted to change it. If there are problems logging in students should speak to the teacher who has set work on Kerboodle.

My child cannot get into SAM Learning

The centre id is GU14WS. Their username and password are the same and are their date of birth and initials, e.g. Veronica Salt born on 27th March 2008, would be 270308VS. Any problems email homework@wavell.hants.sch.uk.

My child cannot get into MyMaths

The username is wavell and the password is divide. All students then have a second level login and password that allows them to see individual work set by their Maths teacher. If they have forgotten those details they should ask their Maths teacher or email homework@wavell.hants.sch.uk 

My child cannot get into Language Gym

Initially check you are using the right UK version of the site: https://uk.language-gym.com/ 

Language Gym Issues with Log in

How can my child access the Online Library?

SORA is a Free Digital Online Library, which you can access 24/7. Details can be found here...

How can my child access school work if we do not have a suitable device?

Satchel and Office 365 (including Teams)can be accessed via any device with internet connection via an internet browser. This includes mobile phones, tablets, ipads, laptops, chromebooks, PCs, games consoles and smart TVs. Please contact us if your chilld cannot access their work.

PDF icon Accessing Microsoft Teams on XBox

PDF icon Accessing Microsoft Teams on Playstation


In the event of School Closures:

If necessary for the School to be closed at any time during the normal School Year, remote learning will continue online via Satchel One (formerly known as Show My Homework) where possible.

How is work set during school closures?

All work is set via Satchel:One. 

All students are set classwork for their timetabled lessons which will be able to be viewed from the day of their lesson. Work that is set will be specific for their class and during each lesson the teacher will generally be available via Satchel:One (assuming they are not teaching the class via Teams) to answer any queries via the notifications within the App.

Work will either be set as ‘Classwork’ or ‘Flexible Task’ and will be due to be completed during the lesson.

In addition a number of lessons will also be taught live via Microsoft Teams and so it is important that students check their school email regularly each day to see which lessons will be taught. We do expect students to ’attend’ the live lessons, unless there is a valid reason (e.g. an issue with the technology) for them not to do so.

How can my child access the live Teams lessons?

Teams lessons will be delivered as appropriate to classes based upon the nature of the curriculum being studied at the time and the teacher’s commitment in school (which can vary from day to day).

Please ask your son/daughter to be logged into Satchel and their Office 365 account by 8.30am each day so that they are prepared for what they have to do.

  • The lessons in Satchel will identify any lessons that will be delivered by Teams
  • Your child's Teams calendar will also show all Teams lessons that they have been invited to. (This should be checked daily)
  • They will also see which lessons they are to attend in their email inbox.

How to log into Teams

Does my child have to complete all work set during school closures?

We expect all students to follow their timetable and work on each subject as they would do at school and complete the work set to the best of their ability. It is really important that the students continue to follow the same routines at home as if they were in school, otherwise they will find it really hard to fit back into the school hours when we are able to return to some sort of normality. We fully appreciate the challenges that you and the students face and we will do as much as we can to support the process.

Will my child have homework set during school closures?

We do not want students sitting at a computer for any longer than necessary and therefore we will not routinely set homework during this period. It may be that some homework is set in upper years to support preparation for assessed pieces of work.