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PDF icon Travel planner and map

So that your child can travel to and from School safely, please talk about road hazards that may be encountered on the daily journey, emphasising the need to use the traffic control crossing where appropriate. Please tell your child not to use iPods or mobile phones when crossing the road or cycling to school.





Cycle safety

Did you know it is illegal to cycle after sunset without the correct lights on your bicycle and you may receive a fixed penalty notice? With the dark nights closing in, it may be worth checking you have the following:
- One front light which is white
- One rear light which is red
- One rear reflector which is red
- Two amber reflectors on each pedal
For more information on road and cycle safety please visit


In the event of having to drive to School during periods of extreme winter weather please see the following guide:


PDF icon Tips for driving in Snow and Ice


Transport Assistance

Your child may be entitled to free assistance with transport to school  in certain circumstances.

Full details and application forms are available from the Hampshire Website


Travelling to School

The Wavell School has an active School Travel Plan, which aims to ensure the safety of all site users. Our priority is to encourage healthy habits and therefore walking and cycling are promoted. A copy of the School Travel Plan can be viewed at the School’s Reception.

Parents are not to drive into the School to drop off or collect students 

Please note that as of September 2017 parents are no longer able to park in the Holiday Inn Car Park.

Letters concerning Parking and Road Safety:


Vehicles on Site
 School Site safety Developments 03.02.20

    News Updates 17.01.20

   Mail Health and Safety Regulations regarding vehicles on site 18.09.19


Road Safety

Mail Sept 2019 Cycling Road Safety
Mail Nov 2018 Bike Servicing 
 Oct 2018 Road Safety
 Nov 2017 Road Safety Week
 Nov 2017 Cycle Safety
 July 2017 Road Safety

PDF icon Arrive Alive
PDF icon Cycling Safety


Event Parking
Dragon's teeth
Mail One Way system


Lynchford Crossing
    Crossing Guidance 

   PDF icon Lynchford Road Crossing Guide

 Routes to School



The main pedestrian access to the School is via the Lynchford Road pedestrian crossing opposite the School gates. Pedestrians and cyclists should use the controlled crossing and footpath into the school playground. Alternatively students are able to enter via the side gate accessed using the Chartwell Gardens pathway.The main car park is out of bounds to pedestrians and cyclists for reasons of safety.
PDF icon Walking Zones surrounding The Wavell School


A bicycle can only be used if the Headteacher has issued a Hampshire County Council permit following both student and parents/carers agreeing to and signing the to responsibilies set out in the Cycle to School Agreement:

- My bike will be road-worthy and I will complete regular safety checks.

- I will cycle responsibly to and from school.

- I will not use my mobile phone or use headphones whilst cycling.

- I will cycle on the road or cycle facilities provided e.g. cycle path.

- Appropriate safety equipment and clothing will be worn and used e.g. a helmet, lights. (See Rules 59 and 60 of the Highway Code)

- I will enter and leave the school site responsibly.

- I will respect other road users and pedestrians.

- I will walk with my bike whilst on the school site.

- I will have a lock or chain for securing my bike in the bike rack during the school day. (Spare key to be kept at home)

- I will not tamper with or use any other student’s bike in the bike rack.

- I am aware of the Highway Code Rules for Cyclists which can be found at

- I am aware of Bikeability cycle training and will complete a level 2/3 course.

cycle helmets!


Permits will be withdrawn if students do not obey these conditions or if they do not show good sense. Cycle Permit Application Forms are also available from Reception.



BusBy Bus

Stagecoach Buses 1 and 41 stop within a few minutes walk of the school at Alexandra Road and Napier Gardens, off Queens Avenue.



By Car

Parents are not to drive into the School to drop off or collect students 

Napier Gardens car park can be a convenient place in which to drop off and collect your children. Please note that this is a 'Pay and Display' car park and that you should purchase a ticket from the machine at the car park when parking there.

When dropping off and collecting children in the local area please park with care at all times and be considerate of the rights and needs of local residents.

Please do not obstruct the School drive nor block the emergency entrance to the School main quadrangle.  There is a 5 mph speed limit on the School site and "sleeping policemen" are in place. The School gates are closed during the School day. Anyone visiting the School is asked to close the gate behind them.