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Rewards and Sanctions


The School puts a high emphasis on rewards and believes in praise as a means of motivation. We issue House Points as rewards, these are regularly totalled and then students are presented with awards in Rewards Assembly. 

  • House Points will be given by all members of staff to students who achieve in any aspects of school life.  House Points will be awarded for achievement, effort and progress, social contribution and citizenship.
  • House Points will also be awarded for attendance and punctuality.  Every student will receive one point per day for attending and being punctual. 
  • Certificates and Prizes will be awarded for levels of House Points achieved.
  • Half and Full House Colours may also be awarded to students and staff according to their extra efforts towards House Events throughout the Academic Year.

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If a student fails to meet the required standard of behaviour then they should expect to be punished.

  • Students may be kept in detention for up to 15 minutes without notice; school officially finishes at 3.15 pm.
  • Detention for up to 1 hour may be imposed and the student's parents will receive 24 hours notice explaining the reason why.
  • Students might be placed “On Report“. Each teacher will write a comment after every lesson and the report card will be checked by the Director of Students and sent home for their parents to sign each day.
  • In serious cases students may be suspended from school for a period of time and then invited to come in with their parents and agree to accept a written Code of Conduct before being re-admitted.
  • As a last resort, students may be Permanently Excluded from the school and the reasons notified to School Governors and the Local Authority.




In the corridor without a pass*

Sent straight back to lesson

Not having basic school equipment

 Initially student lent an item and class teacher to record, repeated offender to be given two detentions by the subject teacher before being passed on to the Director of Curriculum.


Lateness to lessons activates a Faculty /Department detention.

Repeated lateness needs to be communicated to Director of Curriculum/Subject Leader and Director of Students for joint action with Home.

Infringement on uniform i.e. wearing trainers etc

Contact parents to bring in correct item or isolation. Student sent Home in certain circumstances to rectify or isolated until correctly dressed.

Student off-site without a pass at lunchtime or break time

Letter Home from Director of Students

Spend next lunch and break time with Director of Students

Extreme hairstyle

Isolation and contact parents


Letter Home from Director of Students

Faculty/Department/DS detentions to catch up on missed work (in relation to the amount of time student truanted)

Smoking and/or bringing smoking paraphernalia into school

Letter Home from Headteacher

Director of Students detention

Probable exclusion

Rudeness to staff

Director of Students to investigate – whilst investigation is on-going student not allowed into that class

Punishment will range from letter Home to exclusion 

Persistent Disruptive Behaviour/Bullying/Use of Prejudicial Language/Misuse of IT/Theft/Involvement with drugs, (including smoking) Verbal & Physical Assaults against students or adults/arson are all serious offences and these will be brought to SLT attention via the Director of Students. External suspension may be the sanction.