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The School Day

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our current timetable includes staggered starts, breaks and finish times, different to our normal timetable below, to help with social distancing guidelines. Please refer to the school day timings here...

Student Arrival on Site

We CANNOT facilitate all students arriving at the same time. Please note arrival times are as follows:

The School Day -  this standard timetable is not currently in use. Please refer to the current school day timings here...

 8.25 am

Movement Bell - Students to make their way to Tutor Rooms  or Assembly 

8.30 am  -  8.45 am

Registration / Year Group Assembly*

8.45 am  -  9.40 am


9.40 am  -  10.35 am


10.35 am  -  11.00 am

Break (10.55 Movement Bell)

11.00 am  -  11.50 am


11.50 am  -  12.45 pm


12.45 pm  -  1.15 pm


1.15 pm  -  2.10 pm

PERIOD 5 (incl 5 min Registration)

2.10 pm  -  3.00 pm


3.00 pm

End of School Day (for the majority of students)

3.00 pm  -  3:15 pm

Detention facility

3.15 pm

Official End of School Day

Please be advised that:

Unless students are working with a member of staff, they must leave the school site by 3.30pm.

Students must not arrive on site before their allocated time in order to keep the Year Group bubbles separate.

There is currently NO Breakfast Canteen service.

* The Wavell School holds separate assemblies for each Year Group; the 2020-21 pattern is:

Monday -                                 Year   8
Tuesday -                                  Year   11
Wednesday -                           Year   9
Thursday -                                 Year  7
Friday -                                      Year  10

Other special assemblies are also held as appropriate. We have Upper and Lower School Rewards Assemblies at the end of each Term when all students and staff gather to celebrate achievements and success.

*Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are currently unable to hold large group assemblies however we  are holding virtual online assemblies until the regulations allow for our normal gatherings to resume.