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UK Intermediate Maths Challenge 2024

On Wednesday 31st January 2024, the Mathematics students the top two sets in Years 9 & 10 participated in the UK Intermediate Maths Challenge. The Challenge is organised by U.K. Mathematics Trust and was taken by more than 250,000 students from over 3000 schools across the country.

The aim of the challenges is to encourage mathematical reasoning, precision of thought, and fluency in using mathematical techniques to solve interesting problems.

Huge congratulations to the following students who all won an Award: 

Year 10

Silver Award: Tommy G (Tommy was also Best in Year), Alfie Q, Emily S, Kanishka S 
Bronze Award: Harry R, Ernie E, Oscar H, Grace B, Sam N, Grace A, Greeshma B, Nate H, Livia D, Freddy G, Rida Q, Lauren V, Ffion B, Ruby M

Year 9

Gold Award: Kaitlin C (Kaitlin was also Best in School)
Silver Award: Marwah N, Cyna R
Bronze Award: Charlie B, Jasmine G, Charlie W, Jonathan F, Artharva M, Dharvi J, Niia M, Luke T, Amelie N, Hilary W