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Dance is taught throughout KS3 and as a GCSE option during KS4.


The Dance Department has taken part in the Gremlin North East Hants Dance competition for the last 11 years, consistently being placed in the top 3 and winning awards for Best Choreography, Costume and Sound Track.

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The Department has organised workshops at ‘Pineapple Dance Studios with cast members from both ‘Chicago’ and ‘Stomp’ as well as visits to theatres to see Dance/Ballet companies and workshops from professional choreographers in school.

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Dance Curriculum

Dance is a physical and expressive activity and a powerful form of non-verbal communication. The dance curriculum aims to:

  • develop a student’s creative, imaginative, physical, emotional and intellectual capacities.
  • foster an enjoyment of, and enthusiasm for dance as a participant and observer.
  • develop individuality and independence, as well as team work and group responsibility.
  • build the confidence to voice and develop their own ideas, as well as perform in front of an audience.
  • develop observational skills: students are taught how to use appropriate terminology to give and receive constructive criticism which helps progress to be made and resilience to be developed.
  • Broaden a student’s aesthetic, social and cultural experience.
  • Promote dance as part of a healthy lifestyle.

For further details of the curriculum for each year in Dance click on the Year group button below:

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